XAML designer for Monodevelop?

If I could pick one single thing to add to my development toolchain it would be a XAML designer. These days I do 90% of my development in the excellent MonoDevelop IDE (that last 10%, maintaining the OpenGroupware.org Objective-C code base, I do in gedit) Now that MonoDevelop supports Python I can do all my work on OpenGroupware Coils there as well. But I just can't imagine developing web applications using the tricycle: HTML, CSS, Javascript. Every web development presentation I see leaves me with a single distinct impression: "What a hack!" Web development is simply too cumbersome and tedious. The future of the web is clearly web services (REST, SOAP, XMPP, and XML-RPC) combined with web backed applications using Silverlight/Moonlight and Flash. My money is on Silverlight/Moonlight being the eventual winner. And today when I brought up Monologue I see: "xaml designer for monodevelop". It isn't complete, maybe not even usable yet, but it certainly is encouraging; maybe someday I'll be able to return to web application development, and riding a 10-speed rather than a rusty old tricycle.

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