XAML designer for Monodevelop?

If I could pick one single thing to add to my development toolchain it would be a XAML designer. These days I do 90% of my development in the excellent MonoDevelop IDE (that last 10%, maintaining the OpenGroupware.org Objective-C code base, I do in gedit) Now that MonoDevelop supports Python I can do all my work on OpenGroupware Coils there as well. But I just can't imagine developing web applications using the tricycle: HTML, CSS, Javascript. Every web development presentation I see leaves me with a single distinct impression: "What a hack!" Web development is simply too cumbersome and tedious. The future of the web is clearly web services (REST, SOAP, XMPP, and XML-RPC) combined with web backed applications using Silverlight/Moonlight and Flash. My money is on Silverlight/Moonlight being the eventual winner. And today when I brought up Monologue I see: "xaml designer for monodevelop". It isn't complete, maybe not even usable yet, but it certainly is encouraging; maybe someday I'll be able to return to web application development, and riding a 10-speed rather than a rusty old tricycle.


Wow, Slashdot covers some real FOSS!

It seems like it has been ages since this last happened - but Slashdot has a blurb about a real FOSS Story: Interview With Jeremy Howard of FastMail.fm. FastMail both runs and develops services based on Cyrus IMAP. Cyrus IMAP is Open Source, has an amazing depth of features, stunning performance, and is extremely standards compliant. It is very refreshing to see some attention given to a real Open Source solution that has been serving user for a decade. This in contrast to a not-open not-standards-compliant solution whose name you can probably guess - with whom Slashdotters appear to be utterly smitten [well beyond the point of clear thinking, but this is (a) Slashdot and (b) a normal side-effect of being smitten by something.] I'm a big fan of Cyrus IMAPd which has been very feature-rich and stable since at least 1999: you get delayed expunge, full text indexing, service-side filtering (SIEVE), shared folders, partitioning, replication, modification sequences, message expiration, and more. Other IMAP/POP servers are still trying to bolt these features onto themselves. If you aren't using Cyrus IMAPd I recommend you take a look, I honestly don't know why anyone would choose anything else.