Whither Samba?

"What's up with Samba?" ....  "Is Samba4 for real?" ... "Is Samba4 ever going to be released?"  These questions have been common for several years now. Now we have answers thanks to this excellent article/interview on LWN.


Streaming the BBC World Service

Every leap year the american public radio service becomes obsessed with providing non-stop glossy and shallow coverage of the various presidential candidates, campaigns, and caucases.  They report endlessly on various polling results [even though the validity of such polls is in question according to credible statisticians and demographers].  Fortunately there is the BBC World Service which offers an alternative for english speaking listeners exhausted by caucus mania.  The appropriate links are not easy to find - but they are there. The MP3 link under "World Service English (Internet Schedule)" works perfectly when added to Banshee's radio playlist.