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End Of BIE's Limbo In Sight

BIE's legal limbo appears to be finally drawing to a close. Mr. Fruetel has posted to the bie-developer list that the BIE product has been sold by Brunswick and that the new owner is interested in seeing the project go forward. I hope to be able to post more good news soon. You can see Mr. Fruetel's message in the rest of this story.

From: Fruetel John <********************>
Subject: [Bie-developer] BIE Roadmap
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 15:55:46 -0600 (16:55 EST)

I'll wait for Glance to make an official announcement, but it looks like
BIE/Redberri is getting a second chance at life. It's my understanding
that BIE/RedBerri has been sold by Brunswick. The new owner is
interested in keeping BIE/Redberri going and has contacted myself and a
few other people.

Now that the sale has been finalized, I think it's time to get together
and do some serious enhancements to BIE. I believe the first thing to
do is put together a product roadmap for future releases.

Here are a few things I'd like to see in a 6.1 release and possibly a
later 7.0 release.

Release 6.1
Better security Implementation
Migrate to JDK 1.5
Migrate to JBOSS 4.x
Migrate to HSQLDB 1.8.0
Migrate to newer eXist
Better integration of mapping tool
Better support for Web Services
Support for XMLBlaster and better support for JMS

And for a possible 7.0 version,
BPEL Support
Integration with SOA tools (WPS, etc)
Development of Open Source 'Satellite' (SBIE)
Interactive debugging

What else should be added to the product roadmap?

John Fruetel

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