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Announcing OpenGroupware COILS

I've create a new project on the shiny new SourceForge: OpenGroupware COILS. This is "a re-implementation of the groupware functionality provided by COILS is parallel installable and is entirely compatible with the Objective-C version 5.5 of". COILS is developed in Python for reasons explained on the Wiki. If you'd like to participate in the development of COILS please join the COILS mail list. I also hang out on the OGo IRC channel on FreeNode. And no, this does not mean I am going to stop working on the Objective-C OGo. But I believe there is a need for a refreshing of the OGo platform (BTW, there is also OGo/J) and there are some ideas I want to explore that really can't be done [easily] in the existing OGo/ObjC codebase.

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