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Resetting An Account's BIE Password

BIE users and their passwords are stored in the USERS table of the internal Hypersonic database. If you happen to end up with an account that is locked out of BIE because they forgot their password or tried the wrong time too many times you can reset their status and password by modifying the database. The login is stored in the "USERNAME" field, the passphrase is stored encrypted in the "PASSPHRASE" field, and there is also a "STATUS" field that must be "ACTIVE" for the user to be able to login. So to reset an account's BIE password:

  • Stop the BIE service
  • Start the embedded Hypersonic client.

Execute the following command, replacing the value of the USERNAME field with the login whose password you wish to reset.

SET PASSPHRASE = '46f94c8de14fb36680850768ff1b7f2a',
  • Choose Options / Commit in the Hypersonic client's menu.
  • Exit the Hypersonic client.
  • Start the BIE service.
  • Login!

Note: This resets the account to the default BIE password of 123qwe


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