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Consonance Progress, at last.

While on vacation I had to time to address some unresolved issues left over from the last revamp of the OpenGroupware .NET client assembly and Gtk# application [Consonance]. For the client searching now works again - that was a stupid bug where the callback was never set. Also fixed up numerous bugs in the Gtk# client so Contacts can be updated including company values, addresses, and telephone numbers. After five years of off-and-on hacking I think Whitemice.ZOGI.Backend is now stable and seems to perform very well.

  • Operations from the work queue now time out, so if a callback is lost the work queue doesn't hang.
  • Responses to background priority requests are delayed until there is no higher priority work; previously responses to RPC calls where all processed at the same priority regardless of the priority of the original request.
  • ContactDetailForm is now an IStorableEntityForm.

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